Distilled Ireland Whisky Tastings

With rich colours, evocative aromas and distinctive flavours, whiskey is part of the history and heritage of Ireland.

At a Distilled Ireland whiskey tasting you will discover how these various elements combine to make Ireland's national spirit so exceptional. Whether it is smooth, smoky or sweet, it is about finding the right whiskey for you.

Distilled Ireland

We compare several whiskies at every event. Clients are shown how to appreciate whiskey's depth of colours, how to nose whiskey discovering insightful aromas and to enjoy the complex taste and lingering finish. It is about learning how to appreciate our national drink.

The Old Bushmills Distillery Ireland

We run events in several formats from presentation and talks, to tasting stalls and to world whisky challenges, depending on group size, time limits and our clients' requirements.

Whatever format they take all our events are interactive and we encourage questions and participation from our guests.

Barrels at The Old Bushmills Distillery

When you discover the richness of Irish whiskey, with aromas of dried fruit, or a subtle hint of peat smoke, or a smooth lingering finish, it is easy to see why whiskey is one of the world's most successful industries.

The wonderful world of whiskey has never been more interesting and diverse, so contact us and arrange a Distilled Ireland whiskey event and start exploring.